Building number 656 | 226-9272

Local Base Businesses

Amway Distribution Stephanie Pickett 425-274-4352
Arts & Crafts
MadMegh's Art Meghan Rowswell 616-6855
Custom Artwork Raquel Morcillo-Gallego 616-6184
Custom Crafts & Wood Work Alesha Jones 801-649-1111
Little Gifts Kirstie Regan 080-5843-2656
Clay Sensations Bethany Stefanik 412-452-9011
Made! Custom Gifts & Home Goods Sara Williamson 090-9467-0420
Sweet Dream Creations Natasha Wilson 080-6295-9639
Pretty' N Sweet Boutique Jenna Beloney 080-6293-2208
Native American Beadwork Juantia Yarns 080-5842-5483
Marvelous Paper Crafting-SU! Michelle Christman 646-957-9379
Dan's Horseshoe Art Daniel Ross 090-7664-4211
Crafting with Isabel Isabel Fodge 616-1857
Kiss My Crafts Morin, Jessica 080-4174-4144
Baskets 'N' Stuff Shobe, Angel 080-2800-2343
Create've Path Beach Art, Luminaries Erika Wasington 090-1946-8738
Queen Bee Decals Stephani Newberry 080-6001-4064
Baby's Products
Lil Monsta Tutu Miki Sauce 773-305-3061
Precious Arrangements Kathy Alcova 616-1901
Barber Shop
Mike's Barber Shop Michael Varela 080-6290-2495
Beauty Products & Services
aim, Designs Lisa Foster 616-8104
Kida's Hair Salon Kidada Telfair 478-225-5135
Hair Styling Reann Bravo 623-734-9635
Misawa Hair Braiding Jami Moore 773-305-2010
From Head 2 Toe Beauty Salon Chelsea Robbins 080-349-91761
Car Detailing Service
212 Detailer Niholas Sauce 773-305-3061
Carpet & Goods
Turlish Carpets and Goods Janet Winstead 090-1709-6663
Cleaning Service
Clean Club Misawa David Rosenkranz 090-6689-2698
SQA Cleaning Jennifer Fuentebella 080-6034-9803
Cleaning MD's Maiko Biggs 080-1817-2742
Momsie Haidilyn Griffin 080-3505-3950
Y.H. Cleaning Yuri Hunt 090-6083-3371
Betty's PCS Cleaning Betty Weimer 080-3471-5750
SunShine Regina Myrick 090-6015-5347
Clothing & Fashion
For Baby with Love Tiffany Cates 616-8378
Simple Styles Leah Sledge 090-9820-6158
Kaye's Princess Boutique Kathrine Fuentes 090-8612-5122
Chekerra's Creations Chekerra Gray 080-9191-4116
Tokyo Fashion for Misawa Rika Brand 080-3932-0402
Trinity Tech Corp Leselee Warila 090-6257-9032
Crocheting & Knitting
Crocheted Creations Natalie Fappiano 616-8131
Winterfall Scarves Kantack, Brittany 080-8205-7752
Knit Chic Gloria Stokes 080-5550-6580
Drum Tutoring
Drum Affliction Aondrea Stumpf 720-988-1788
Adoption Homestudies SueAnn Denson 616-3796
Fence & Awnings
Cherry's Constructions Frederick Cherry 240-845-5348
Jeff Singleton Building Fence, Awnings Jeffrey Singleton 616-2052
Fitness Nutrition / Training
Kelley Zuniga Personal Training & Fitness Nutrition Zuniga Kelley 080-5563-1542
Irresistible Desserts Tracy McCray 733-305-2405
A Cookie A Day Angela Day 080-5748-7941
Independent Velata Consultant Jessica Overton 616-6149
Goods Goods Elizabeth Samala 616-5897
The Tortilla Lady Monica Rodriguez 616-5879
Baby Cakes Beth Stefanik 616-5394
Turkish Bakery Nurhayat McMillan 616-5126
Knot Just Pretzels - Pretzels & More Jennifer Tetreault 323-345-6982
Dragonfly Bake Shoppe Eileen Magalianes 323-338-7585
Scrumptious Cookies and Desserts Andrea Ross 090-7664-4211
Candy Girls Jacqueline Duenas 616-1984
Tastefully Simple Inc. Samantha Smith 090-6853-0598
Cassie Cakes Cassie Bonsey 090-6256-6600
Nicole's Sweets & Treats Nicole Nelson 080-3081-6494
Jane's Pandula Desserts Mary Jane Rico 616-5196
Baker's Toque BakeShop Jenneth Onejeme 080-4112-7380
Giftcakes by Tasha Tasha Jemison 813-200-9327
"Poppin em out" Diaper Cakes Whiteny Katzenbach 080-5745-3975
Greeting Cards
Aimes Design Amylyn Malan 080-9719-3500
Handmade Craft
Twisting Fate Designs Sarah McCall 323-345-6940
Sip In Style Moni Roush 702-951-6562
Health & Wellness
Dragonfly Acupuncture Gina Roark 616-8125
In a Nut Shell - Nutrition Counseling Melinda Boyd 443-982-5979
ACE Saba Company Mary Carpenter 616-5001
The Wellness Company Mindy Grice 646-957-9350
Herbalife Distributor Juanita Yarns 080-5842-4583
Fit Life Alton Heatger 616-3390
The Nutrition Connection Erin Monico 616-3295
It Works! Elena Kilpatrick 080-6292-4240
Lomi Lomi Massage Joseph Roginski 090-4045-0149
doTERRA Essential oils Julene Martindale 080-9448-1600
Home Decor
Scentsy Robin Green 858-254-9033
Scentsy Allison Steed 616-8192
Scentsy Ashley Cratty 080-5741-8373
Scentsy Christine Kemmis 616-66508
Scentsy Maria Alano 616-6293
Scentsy Koreen Wark 080-3008-7022
Scentsy Kalena Osborn 090-3647-4054
Scentsy Susan Mellinger 616-5204
Scentsy Aubrey Nelson 616-2777
Scentsy Regina Myrick 090-6015-5347
Scentsy Jessica Overton 090-9747-3074
Sonia's Scents Sonia Drisocll 702-951-8081
Sharply Written Laura Sharp 080-5840-2540
Home Treasures (Silpada / Party Lite) Robin Wright 080-6290-7916
Military Wreath by Nicole Nicole Thompson 614-358-4882
Japanese Language
Yuri's Japanese 101 Yuri Hunt 090-6083-3371
Jewel Kade Sarah Kohl 616-8514
Willing Hands Designs Tracy-Ann West 904-672-3580
Paparazzi Kalena Osborn 090-3647-4054
Lia Sophia SueAnn Denson 616-3796
Lia Sophia Marisol Guidry 773-305-2324
Vantel Pearls Rebecca Nevins 080-5749-3163
Tupperware Heather Pascoe 616-6585
Pampered Chef Ilyssa Thomas 616-5996
Pampered Chef Sarah Serrano 080-3492-4350
Pampered Chef Cheryl Archbold 090-3790-1578
Lawn Service
Larson Lawn Care Sean Larson 080-1375-8730
Lessons (Dance)
School of Dance Misawa Giselle Hill 904-229-0490
Massage by Jessica Jessica Cauthen 678-302-1524
Nail Service
Jacqueline's Jamberry Nails Jacqueline Klein 813-200-9377
Angela's Nails Cherilynn Schofield 850-254-9073
Jennifer's Jamberry Nails Jennifer Thaxton 616-6904
Painting Instructor
Mixers & Master Pieces DeAnna Pazdyk 773-305-3061
Pet Food
Happy Wags Biscuits & Treats Stacy Krause 773-305-2355
Pet Grooming
Agape Pet Grooming Kim, Hyunjin Dickinson 080-5738-8984
Duke n' Daisies Pet Grooming Abigail Jordan 616-8023
Pet Training
Camo Paws K9 Training Chritina O'Bryant 080-6014-2351
BL Photography Brittany Leverett 1-469-375-7701
Nicole Thompson Photography Nicole Thompson 614-358-4882
McKayla Lacy Photograhpy McKayla Lacy 616-8277
Zenecking Photography Gloria King 080-6014-4419
Laura Ellen Photography Laura Gomez 080-4449-7356
Dream Walk Photography Oxana Kareva 313-347-0279
Beth E Photography Bethany Erby 616-3372
EKM Photography Erica Morgan 616-3296
EiSpy Photography Eileen Magalianes 323-338-7585
Photo Doctor Evah Dixon 469-375-7397
Motions Exposed Productions Jacqueline Duenas 616-1984
Teeny Bugs Photography Brittani Westerfield 080-4082-3202
Shannon Carollo Photography Shannon Carollo 080-3698-8723
Korinne Hoh Photography Korinne Hoh 080-3445-9407
Purses / Bags
Thirty-One Magan Majors 616-5939
Thirty-One Holly Lomibao 616-5106
Thirty-One Kimberly Weaver 616-3902
Thirty-One Jennifer Ocenosak 210-881-4408
Thirty-One Natalie Fappiano 080-6012-4941
Thirty-One Sabrina Baker 080-5731-8208
Kawaii Sewing Ayuko Schaffner 616-8068
Lil Stiches Racheal Reynolds 616-6563
Lynderella Stiches Lyndsi Ingrum 616-6444
Sign Language
Signing with Miss Day Angela Day 080-5748-7941
Magic Hands Stephanie Galloway 615-345-8846
Letters by Lucas Danielle Lucas 616-5799
Spanish Tutor
Vamos a aprender espanol hoy Christine Horvath-Bucan 616-3519
Stiches for School Evah Dixon 616-2541
Translation Service
Key's Translation Service Keiko Gauna 616-6068
Ivy Leaf Tutoring Melissa Campbell 717-265-2635