Building number 670 | 222-0282

Additional Information

Persons in PCS IN status are authorized 30 days in temporary lodging. Those who are PCS OUT status are limited to 10 days in temporary lodging. You may request extensions at the front desk. Approval is based on availability.
Permissive TDY
Persons in Permissive TDY status are authorized 10 days. Please present a copy of orders or leave form at check in.
Space Available Policy
Lodging can accept reservations up to 120 days in advance, based on availability, and projected occupancy. Reservations can be guaranteed for a three day stay depending upon availability of rooms.
Non-Availability Policy
Non-availability letters are only issued to authorized travelers when all lodging rooms on Misawa Air Base are fully booked. A non-availability letter allows the TDY traveler to find a hotel of his or her choice that does not exceed the authorized per diem rates allowed for this area.