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Kakunodate Samurai Houses

Tour Dates:

  • Saturday, Oct. 21
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  • Adult: $50
  • Ages 6–11: $45
  • Ages 0–5: $20

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Kakunodate is known as "Little Kyoto." It has earned this name because of it's beautifully preserved former Samurai districts. Walk among the Samuari streets which directly reflect the times of the old feudal clans. Explore the tasteful Samurai residences that will take you back to the Edo period.

Tour Itinerary

Activities Included
Boarding starts behind the base library Round trip transportation
(bus rules)
Bus departs Misawa Air Base  
Arrival at Samurai House Street Admission ticket
Ishiguro House and Aoyagi House Admission ticket
Free time Lunch available for purchase
Departure from Kakunodate  
Arrival at Misawa Air Base