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The Leisure Times
The most read publication
on Misawa Air Base!

Leisure Times is the monthly publication of the 35th Force Support Squadron Marketing & Publicity Office. The 35th FSS provides recreation, leisure, quality-of-life programs and physical facilities to more than 11,000 residents and employees of Misawa Air Base. We print 2,800 Leisure Times per month that are given to each new military member upon arrival to Misawa Air Base, placed in every room at lodging and mailed directly to 1,050+ Misawa subscribers. 1,700 magazines are also placed in nine open public kiosks and at 38 on-base locations such as the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, post office, hospital, 35th Force Support Squadron facilities and Navy Lodging. According to our statistics, the Leisure Times is a top information source of information for Misawa Air Base residents.


Ask about an event or program you’re interested in sponsoring!

Golf Course Tournaments


Annual Winter Fest (Ski & Snowboard sales event) 
Early December

Fitness Fun Runs

Holiday Events


Club Programs and Buffets

Walmsley Bowling Center Weekly and Monthly Programs

Auto Hobby Center Welding Program 
Arts & Crafts Center Classes
Youth Programs

We can work with you to find the right placement to reach your target audience. 



the official website for the Misawa Air Base Force Support Squadron. Advertising rates start at just $75 a month!

This website is the main source of real-time, up-to-date information about all of the FSS activities and programs happening at Misawa Air Base. As you browse through this site, you’ll notice that our community has services ranging from Arts & Crafts to Outdoor Recreation and multiple restaurants. Customers visit this website for information on what to eat, upcoming events and programs. resources available to them, and what to do in the local area. The site has an average of 23,676 views per month, with an average of 5,337 weekly page views.

Advertising on this website is a quick, easy way to reach thousands of current and incoming members of the Misawa Air Base community as well as loyal followers that continue to visit our page no matter where they are in the world! Place your advertisement on our home page, or ask about other options if your business might benefit from viewers on pages that relate specifically to your product. We can work  with you!

Digital Signs

Advertise digitally on over 20 digital signs in FSS facilities throughout Misawa Air Base for just $215 a month!

Digital signage is a dynamic new way to reach the Misawa Air Base community!
Digital signs are stand alone and mounted screens placed strategically throughout Misawa Air Base to reach customer views in the thousands! We can work with you to place advertisements in facilities that best fit your brand’s target audience.

Commercial Sponsorship

Commercial sponsorship is when a business enhances an event or program through monetary support, services, and/or in-kind support (prizes, giveaways). In return, sponsors receive commercial access to the military and civilian Misawa Air Base community and advertising opportunities related to that event or program as laid out in a sponsorship agreement.


Pre-event publicity and advertising

Sponsor logo on signage, posters, digital
advertisements, etc.

On-site presence at events

Verbal recognition at events

Potential for customer activation

Knowing all support goes towards military
members and their families


Monetary support

Prizes (resort stays, overnight accommodations, electronics, etc.)


Services (photography, volunteers, etc.)


We cannot provide sponsorship benefits for donations but do provide a one-time thank you for any support received. Thank you for supporting our military community!

This is a solicitation for commercial sponsorship by a Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality of the United States Government. (T-1) It does not obligate appropriated funds or nonappropriated funds of the Government. (AFI34-108, para. No federal endorsement of advertiser(s) intended. 

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