Military families move across the globe to new homes an average of every two to three years. Decorating a home plays a huge role in making families feel comfortable in their new space. Antonia Renteria and Maddie Normandin are military spouses who take the “do it yourself” concept to a different level by using the Misawa Arts & Crafts Center’s services to personalize their on-base homes. 

“Your home decor is how you express yourself! At least for me. My home is a giant exhibit of me and my husband.”–Antonia

Antonia enjoys making her own home decor projects because it allows her to be creative and think outside the box. Her home is filled with a variety of items made by materials from the Arts & Crafts Center. Her favorite items include painting ceramics, using the Cricut machine and buying acrylic paint for her home. In her free time, she enjoys walking through the store just 

“Most of the time your end product looks much different than your inspiration, and that’s what makes it yours!”–Maddie

Maddie enjoys making DIY projects to let her personality shine through her creations. Her home is filled with items created from the Wood Shop and the Retail Store. She has built a custom made dining room table paired with shelves to compliment her kitchen space. Maddie also enjoys visiting the Arts & Crafts Center in her free time to find new DIY projects that she can share with her social media followers.