Make love a priority and explore your sentimental side this Valentine’s Day by visiting some of these romantic spots in the local area with your significant other. From planning an intimate dinner to taking a dip in a private onsen, there are a variety of ways to reconnect and remind yourself of what initially brought you and your partner together.

Shiroi Mori Cake House
40.662108, 141.377195

Indulge in delicious cuisine paired with decadent desserts during your lunch hour. Shiroi Mori, otherwise known as Cake House, is the perfect spot to dine with your partner in a casual and inviting atmosphere. Choose from a selection of specials like basil chicken pasta, tandoori chicken, croissant sandwiches or spaghetti, each paired with soup or salad. Each lunch special is coupled with the chef’s dessert of the day.
On your way out, don’t forget to purchase take-home desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth in the comfort of your own home.

Yoshino’s Steak House
40.682682, 141.355970

Treat your loved one to a romantic evening and book a dinner reservation at Yoshino’s Steak House. This restaurant is owned and operated by a local family who make satisfying your taste buds their priority. Find your seat by the teppanyaki grill and choose between rare Australian beef or the famous Japanese Wagyu. Each steak can be paired with mouthwatering appetizers, starters, soup or a dessert crafted and cooked to perfection on the grill in front of you. This intimate and private experience becomes popular during special occasions and holidays, so book your reservation in advance.

Misawa Ice Arena
40.679626, 141.398409

Bundle up and head to the Misawa Ice Arena for a playful and outgoing date. Whether you’re new to ice skating or have had practice, this arena is the perfect place for all ages to enjoy throughout the season. The Misawa Ice Arena is located in an indoor auditorium located approximately 10 minutes from Misawa Air Base. You can purchase your ticket inside at the kiosk upon arrival. Once you receive your ticket, hand it to the receptionist for a pair of skates and you and your partner will be ready to ice skate! The Misawa Ice Arena has specific time slots for free-skating, so plan accordingly.

Towada Art Center
40.615037, 141.209268

Appreciate the beauty of contemporary art with a visit to the Towada Art Center. This museum was originally created to support the city of Towada and features a variety of indoor and outdoor exhibits created by 33 artists including Choi Jeong, Ron Mueck, Yoko Ono and Yayoi Kusama. Exhibitions are connected by glass corridors which allow visitors to see the “houses of art” individually and intertwined with the city’s beauty. After viewing the artwork, visit the café, Cube, to eat lunch and sweet treats made with local ingredients. Before departing, purchase gifts at the Towada Art Center gift shop that are inspired by the museum’s permanent collection.

Tohoku Onsen
40.779611, 141.217025

Take a relaxing dip with your significant other in a private alkaline spring bath at the Tohoku Onsen. This particular onsen is the largest black water hot spring in Japan, made with humic acid and minerals secreted from plants. Black water is known to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. The Tohoku Onsen Resort offers a variety of indoor and outdoor onsen baths. There are public onsen rooms separated by gender and private or family rooms to choose from. If you’re looking to continue your experience at the resort, consider booking a room for the night in one of the cozy Japanese-style accommodations. Don’t forget to purchase delicious black-water themed treats at the Tohoku Onsen gift shop after your visit. Reservations are recommended if you would like to book a private room.

North 40-40
40.682898, 141.368361

Pamper your loved one with fine dining at a local French restaurant and patisserie. North 40-40 serves a variety of French dishes along with rare Aomori beef, fish, poultry soup and salad. Pair your dish with a special selection of wine imported from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Chile or Argentina. After your meal, purchase a dessert delicately crafted and infused with flavors and special sugars from the local area. If you want to take a dessert home or purchase a gift, stop by the front counter on your way out.