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You don’t have to venture far to get away and be one with nature. Locals love to camp, hike and climb just as much as Americans do. There are many outdoor activities awaiting any adventurer, with features for families, couples, groups of friends, or the solo voyager looking for a refresh. Explore the best scenic spots in the area before the winter snow arrives. Here are a few of our go-to spots on our list. Want to find more? Stop by the Outdoor Recreation Center in the Weasels’ Den for a full list of campsites in the area as well as expert tips on how to explore with confidence.

Oide Campsite next to Lake Towada
Coordinates: 40.412726, 140.867792
Only an hour and a half drive from Misawa, this small campground is adjacent to stunning Lake Towada. The site offers auto and tent camping and has equipment available for rent such as tents, blankets and lanterns.

Tanesashi Camping Ground in Hachinohe
Coordinates: 40.510777, 141.608843
Camp on the beach or grassy area here at this open public campsite. Wake up to peaceful ocean views and listen to the waves roll onto the shore.

Tappizaki Campgrounds on Cape Tappi
Coordinates: 41.257276, 140.344275
If you’re a scuba diver, this one is for you! This campsite is located on the northwestern tip of the Tsugaru Peninsula, a popular dive site with warm waters and tent camping available right near the dive site or on hillside terraces overlooking the water. Cabins and bungalows are also available to rent. Unzip your tent and take a short walk to the Cape Tappi dive site where you can swim through an underwater arch to deep volcanic rock grottos and canyons to see feather star crinoids and other sea creatures and plant life. Depending on weather conditions, warm waters for diving can extend into late October.

Yagen Valley Campgrounds in Mutsu
Coordinates: 40.394756, 141.334176
This budget-friendly campsite offers the ability to hike, fish and see wildlife. The campsite has facilities within walking distance and a massive fire pit perfect for any group trip. Have breakfast and then sneak off to explore the hiking trails and river. When you’re ready to relax, hop into an outdoor onsen located nearby. Many attractions are just a short drive away, such as Osorezan, the Gates of Hell.

Nagawa Cherry Village in Nanbu Town
Coordinates: 40.394756, 141.334176
Often called “Gnome Village” because of the brightly-colored, gnome-hat like treehouses—these fun huts can fit up to four people each and no reservation is required. Bring your own grills to cook all of your favorite foods and wash utensils in sinks right by your campsite, with restrooms nearby as well. Kids can see the dragon tower that stands at 100 feet tall. Adults can relax in the nearby onsen, grab a bite to eat at restaurants and venture along the hiking trails. Locals tell you to bring a sled, as there is a large hill to rush down, snow or not. On the way back, pick fresh fruit just a short drive from the campsite, spend a day at the indoor and outdoor waterpark with hot and cold water pools as well as sauna rooms and visit the 700-year-old Hokji Temple.

Anmon Falls
Coordinates: 40.518613, 140.183801
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Distance: 8 km (2–3 hours)
Grab your hiking books and head to Anmon falls, located near Hirosaki City. This forest is a part of Shirakami Sanchi, a UNESCO World Heritage forest with maple, beech and pine trees that turn vivid yellow, orange and red in autumn. Ichi-no-taki, the largest of three waterfalls, can be seen along the trail, and Aqua Green Village is a perfect place to visit for families, with a fishing hole, woodcraft center, campsite and hot springs. The trailhead is only accessible from May–early November and can be slippery, so watch your step!

Mt. Iwate
Coordinates: 39.8533, 141.0008
Difficulty level: Varies
Distance: Varies
Mt. Iwate is located in the Hachimatai region and is climbed by many visitors each year. With an elevation of 2,038 meters, explorers can hike leisurely or take on the summit. Seven hiking and climbing trails offer a different climbing experience with difficulty levels for all ages. Various stone Buddha statues and shrines welcome you along the way before reaching the top, where vast views of Northern Tohoku open through the clouds. This is a great mountain to start with if you are looking to practice before tackling Mt. Fuji.  For more information, visit http://bit.ly/mt_iwate_info.

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