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Work Orders will require an additional 5 business days.

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General Guidance

Use a separate form for each program/event request. All information must be on the request when submitted.

If information is not filled out completely, either re-submittal will be required OR adjustments will be made on the requested due date based on when all vital information is received by Marketing.

Before submitting the request, please verify all information is correct and ensure all requested marketing collateral is checked with quantity indicated as well as requests for publications in which the program/event should be included.

Work ORder Form

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Please ensure your Marketing Materials are received and posted 2-4 weeks out from your event date.
Please provide a start and end time to your event, if possible
Please select all channels needed ** Leisure Times submissions are due by the first of the month two months prior to the magazine date (i.e. January magazine due date is Nov.1). If work orders are submitted after that date, your submission will not be included in the Leisure Times for the month requested.
If you have any questions or additional notes, please type them here, or contact your Account Executive during business hours.

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