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Craft Classes

You must sign up for all classes at least 24 hours in advance.

Let us know how we can improve our craft classes, retail store and more.
Click on the link above to complete the short survey.

Brushes and Beverages

Friday, Sept. 27
5:30–9 p.m.
$35 per person
Ages 18+

Includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers. You must be 20+ to consume alcohol.

Brushes and Beverages

Friday, Oct. 25
5:30–9 p.m.
$35 per person
Ages 18+

Includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and appetizers. You must be 20+ to consume alcohol.

Home Décor

Wooden Pumpkin
$25 per person

Thursday, Sept. 26
6–8 p.m.

Hocus Pocus Sisters or Pumpkin Patch
$25 per person

Thursday, Oct. 3
11 a.m.–1 p.m.

Thursday, Oct. 22
6–8 p.m.


Wreath Class

Wooden Fall Door Décor
$25 per person

Tuesday, Sept. 17
6–8 p.m.

Mini Monet

Fall in Bloom
$10 per person
Ages 6–12

Saturday, Sept. 28
1-2 p.m

Black Cat
$10 per person
Ages 6–12

Saturday, Oct. 12
1-2 p.m

Saturday, Oct. 19
1-2 p.m

Craft of the Month

Football Sign

We have spirit, yes we do! We have spirit, how ’bout you? Make this fun football-themed craft to show off your team spirit! Available while supplies last.

Additional Classes


04oct6:00 pm8:00 pmCostume CraftingArts & Crafts Center

05oct5:30 pm8:30 pmKokeshi LaternArts & Crafts Center

11oct4:00 pm6:00 pmFamily Craft TimeKokeshi Doll House

Frame Shop

Display your precious memories and creations by building a customized frame at the Frame Shop. The Arts and Crafts Center has a wide selection of wooden and metal frames to choose from. Once your frame is selected, you can take the Frame Class to build your frame on your own or allow our professionals create it for you. Stop by the Arts and Crafts Center to speak to an associate during normal hours of operation.
*Due to our current work load, our lead time is 3–4 weeks. 

Cutting & Mounting
Glass Cutting
Size: up to 32″ x 40″
We have clear glass and reflection control glass that can be cut to your specifications to fit a frame you already have.

Custom Mat Cuts
Size: up to 32″ x 40″
We can cut mats for the cost of the material and a small cutting fee.

Foam Board
Size: up to 40″ x 60″
Our foam boards can be cut to your specific size.

Poster Mounting
Size: up to 40″ x 60″
Heat your posters, textile artwork, large photos or other images to a foam core backing to give them stability.

Photo Printing
Self-service photo prints

Bring in a memory card, USB Flashdrive, CD or your phone for self-service photo prints.

4 x 6 ………………… 65¢

5 x 7 ………………… $1.25

8 x 10 ………………. $2.50

Custom Framing
Pricing may vary depending on the material used and the complexity of the project. Please visit us in the Arts & Crafts Center for pricing information.

Frame Repairs
Let us repair your damaged frames. If we can’t repair it, we can re-frame it!

Frame Classes
Learn to frame a 4 x 6 photo for only $5. You must be 18 years old to attend. Please sign up in advance.

Canvas Stretching
We can stretch canvases for hanging with or without a frame.
Contact the Print Shop if you need something printed on canvas.

Size: up to 7′

Prices below are estimates. Actual price varies depending on difficulty of the job.

11 x 14 …………… $20.50
16 x 20 ………….. $29.50
18 x 24 ………….. $31
22 x 28 ………….. $39.25
24 x 30 ………….. $47.50
24 x 36 ………….. $49.75

Frame Classes
Learn to make your own custom 5″ x 7″ frame from the pros at the Arts & Crafts Center. You can use your skills at our Frame Shop whenever you need another frame to hold your memories. Frame classes are offered every other Saturday.

9–11 a.m.

Graphics Shop

From personalized engraving to custom creations, the Graphics Shop has you covered. The Arts and Crafts center provides etching, laser printing, engraving, and sublimation printing services for materials like glass, stainless steel, plastic, polyester, porcelain, wood, and so much more! Visit the Graphics Shop to get a quote during weekly operating hours.
**The Graphics Shop provides the items for custom services. Expensive personal items and materials will not be accepted.**

Polar Camel Mugs

Price includes simple 2D silhouette engraving. Available in colors shown in picture. Additional colors are available by special order.

$20  /  20 oz.
$30  /  30 oz.



Create something unique with our large selection of ceramics available in our retail store. $2 off per ceramic is offered on PACAF family days!


Any of our ceramics to custom glaze



Using our variety of paint colors and specialty glazes


Pick Up

We’ll fire your ceramic and it will be ready in 10 days or less

Celebrate with

Balloon Bouquets

2 laytex, 1 mylar  /  $6.50

5 laytex, 1 mylar  /  $12

3 laytex, 2 mylar  /  $14

6 laytex, 2 mylar  /  $20

Add a balloon weight for $2

Bring in your own balloons and let us fill them up for you!
LATEX  /  $1.90
MYLAR  /  $3 and up

We are a full service


Get a wood shop safety card at the Arts & Crafts Center to start making your own DIY projects.

Wood is sold by Board Foot (BF)
BF = Length x Width x Height

Wood Safety Class

Want to create DIY projects and participate in upcoming Wood Workshop classes? Sign up for the Wood Safety Class and get access to our full service Wood Shop.
One Hour Course
Ages 16+
Ages 16–17 must be accompanied by an adult. Ages 15 and under are not allowed in the Wood Shop at any time. Visit the Arts & Crafts Center to sign up for upcoming Wood Safety Classes. 


Create and build your very own masterpiece at the Wood Shop. The Arts and Crafts Center has a large variety of wood to choose from to get you started. Ask about our Wood Safety Class to get certified to use our shop on your own. Once your project is built, you can give it a smooth and shiny finish by using the paint booth.

Wood Shop Fees

Use the Wood Shop

$2 per hour

15-hour punch card


Unlimited Monthly Use


Please pay at the central cashier located in the Arts & Crafts retail section. You must show your Wood Shop safety card at the time of purchase.


Looking for a professional touch? Our Master Craftsmen with over 20 years of experience take pride in every project they create. Scroll down to read about our Master Laborer and the products he can make for you! Visit the Wood Shop at the Arts and Crafts Center to begin working on your next creation.

Wood Shop Fees


$15 per hour

Please pay at the central cashier located in the Arts & Crafts retail section.


4/4  |  $3


1/4  |  $45
1/2  |  $80
3/4  |  $105
4/4  |  $8

Birdseye Maple

4/4  |  $12


4/4  |  $15


4/4  |  $6.25


1/4  |  $78
4/4  |  $10.50
8/4  |  $15


4/4  |  $12

Purple Heart

8/4  |  $12


5/4  |  $6
6/4  |  $4.75
8/4  |  $6.25


1/4  |  $48
1/2  |  $98
3/4  |  $108
4/4  |  $7.50
5/4  |  $8.50


1/4  |  $90
3/4  |  $150
4/4  |  $12.50
6/4  |  $14
8/4  |  $15
Master Laborer

Yutaka Kashiwazaki

Yutaka Kashiwazaki is a master laborer who has headed the wood workshop at the Arts & Crafts Center for nearly 20 years and has over 30 years of experience in the field. Kashiwazaki believes in dedication to hard work and knowing the importance of detail. His skills range from small knick-knacks to large restorations. “It was my hobby that became a passion,” says Kashiwazaki,” so I focused on perfecting my craft and taught myself different things…I have lots of hobbies but none of them compare to this one.”
Even on his free time, Kashiwazaki is making something—he enjoys mixing material such as lumber and glass with metal to create new, unique pieces. If you love your work, it makes a difference in the people around you and this master laborer has shared his experience with Airmen and civilians on Misawa Air Base for many years. His work ethic, creativity, and positivity make him a shining asset to have among the Arts & Crafts team.

Additional services

Cricut Machine

Use our Cricut machine to customize your art projects for free! Cricut machines can print out any images and shapes you need including custom vinyl stickers, personalized home decor, unique greeting cards, custom designed apparel and more.

You can purchase cardstock (50¢), vinyl ($2) and heat transfer ($8) to use on our machines. In order to use the Circuit machine, customers must take an instructional course with a one-time fee on $5.

Singer Sewing Machines

Singer sewing machines are available to use for FREE!

Sewing machines must be used inside the Arts & Crafts Center during normal hours of operation.

Party Room Rentals

Looking for a place to have your birthday party? Why not have it here? Whether you want to paint ceramics, canvas or simply use the space, the Arts & Crafts Center can help you with all of your birthday party needs!


Use our machine for your lamination needs.

50¢  /  9″ x 11.5″
75¢  /  12″ x 18″

T-Shirt Printing

1–12 Shirts / Front Crest $1.50 / White Full $4 / Colored Full $5

13–50 Shirts / Front Crest $1.25 / White Full $3.50 / Colored Full $4.50

51+ Shirts / Front Crest $1 / White Full $3 / Colored Full $4

Simple Design Fee / $5
Complex Design Fee / $10

Become an Instructor

The Arts & Crafts Center is always looking for talented and creative people to teach new classes. Contact us to find out how to become an instructor!

Pick the craft and preferred days and times that work for your schedule.

Retail Store / Frame & Graphics

BLDG. 645
Tuesday–Saturday  |  10 a.m.–6 p.m.
PACAF Family Days  |  Noon–5 p.m.
CLOSED Sunday, Monday and federal holidays


226-4279  DSN
0176-77-4279  CELL

Wood Shop

BLDG. 645
Tuesday–Friday  |  Noon–8 p.m.
Saturday  |  10 a.m.–6 p.m.
PACAF Family Days  |  Noon–5 p.m.
CLOSED Sunday, Monday and federal holidays


226-4279  DSN
0176-77-4279  CELL