Make an appointment today at the Pit Stop Garage for routine vehicle maintenance, repairs or a tune-up to enhance your gas mileage. The Pit Stop’s team of trained mechanics offers a full list of services including JCI, Wrench Reports, wheel alignments and much more!


Per hour labor rate $50 | Top off fluids $6

JCI Inspections

$50 pre-inspection
+$40 full inspection
(Includes labor for the inspection, not including repairs. Japan JCI fees are an additional cost.)

Rotate Only


Swap Tires Only


Mount and Balance

prices vary based on tires

Coolant Flush

+$13 per gallon of coolant and disposable fee $1.85 per gallon

Engine Clean

$30 (engine clean top/bottom & underbody is $40 plus 300¥)

Brake Check

$50 comprehensive inspection of the entire braking system on your car

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

+$7.50 per quart. (additional costs may apply, if required, for special types of fluid)

Manual Transmission Fluid Change

+$7.50 per quart. (additional costs may apply, if required, for special types of fluid)

Differential Fluid Change

$15 per axle
per quart. (additional costs may apply, if required, for special types of fluid)

Head/Brake or Tail Light Replacement

$5 (plus the varying cost of the bulb or labor, e.g. removing bumper)

Battery Installation


Visual Pre-Buy Inspection


Tune-Up Price List

4-Cylinder Cars/Trucks

$55 minimum

6-Cylinder Cars/Trucks

$65 minimum

4-Cylinder Van

$85 minimum

6-Cylinder Van

$95 minimum

Direct Ignition 4-Cylinder

$65 minimum

Direct Ignition 6-Cylinder

$85 minimum

Subaru Tune-Up

$85 minimum

A tune-up consists of cleaning the air filter, checking the distributor cap, distributor rotor, checking the hoses, belts, plug wires, and adjusting engine timing and idle.

Services Offered at both Pit Stop Garage and Auto Hobby

Labor Flat Rate


Turning Rotors/Drums

$15 Each (plus labor fee $70–$250 each)

Gasoline Oil & Filter Change

prices vary per vehicle

Diesel OIl & Filter Change

prices vary per vehicle (plus the cost of filter $27~$47)

Replace Valve Stem


Mount Per Tire

low profile 40 and 45 series

Dismount Tire

$5 regular
low profile

Balancing per Tire

$7.50–$9 (tap-on weights x4, $30/stick-on weights x4, $36)

Swap Only

$12 each



Rotate & Balance


Swap & Balance


Tire Repair

$11 (on vehicle)
(off vehicle)

Alternator/Battery Check


Wrench Report

Looking to buy a car on the POV Resale Lot? Pit Stop Garage offers a Wrench Report that goes back up to five years of previous maintenance and inspections done with us. Just provide us with a license plate number.

Air Conditioning services

If your defrosters aren’t working properly, you might need an AC system check.


Additional fees may apply

Air conditioning servicing consists of hooking up your car to a state-of-the-art AC system machine to check the following:
1 Receiver-Drier
The receiver is a metal container that serves as a storage receptacle for the refrigerant. It’s also referred to as a drier because it absorbs moisture from the refrigerant and filters out particles of debris and harmful acids that would otherwise harm your AC system. Commonly located on the liquid line of the AC system, you should change your drier every 3–4 years to ensure quality filtration and prevent any damage caused by the detrimental chemicals. Our machine vacuums and clears out any moisture in the system to ensure the receiver-drier is functioning properly.
2 Compressor
The compressor is a belt-driven device that derives its name from compressing refrigerant gas and transferring it into the condenser. While basically acting as a simple pump, the compressor is the core of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Our machine checks the pressure output of the compressor to make sure it is operating properly.
3 Condenser
The condenser’s primary function is to cool the refrigerant. It is a heat dissipating apparatus that radiates heat released by compressed gasses and condenses them into high pressure liquids. The location of your condenser depends on how new your car is but it is typically found  at the front of the vehicle, directly in front of the engine cooling radiator. We make sure your cooling fan is operating properly and that the vanes in the condenser are clean and free of debris.
4 Evaporator
The evaporator is designed to remove heat from the inside of your vehicle. We check the blower motors filter/cabin filter of your car to make sure it is working optimally.

Lastly, lines and hoses are inspected by applying vacuums and dye to check for leaks.

Four Wheel Laser Alignment


Get a wheel alignment to extend the life of your tires, save on fuel, decrease strain on your vehicle and make driving on snow and ice safer. Schedule your appointment TODAY!

JCI Inspection

Misawa is the only base in PACAF that performs JCI Inspections on site. You’ll always drive safe with us!

Pre-JCI Inspection:

  • Flat fee of $50
  • Your car is given the 270 point inspection
  • You get an estimate of what your car needs to pass

JCI Inspection:

  • Full JCI inspection from start to finish. You and your car never leave the base!
  • Japan JCI fees are an additional ¥40,830~¥50,330

Do You Need to Junk Your Vehicle?

Bring your car to Pit Stop Garage and we will handle the details so you have one less worry for your PCS move. We will facilitate junking your vehicle with a local Japanese company, getting you paid cash for your car. Stop by or call the Pit Stop Garage at 226-9486.

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