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Request Honor Guard support for an event or ceremony by filling out the form in the link below. Forms need to be emailed to:


From official events, to dignified transfers and change of commands,

Guardsmen are the few that are handpicked to be a visual representation of what the Air Force stands for. From day one of our Air Force careers we are taught the importance of tradition and legacy and it is an honor to be the men and women who preserve it.

  • POW/MIA Ceremonies
  • Annual Awards Banquets
  • Retirement Ceremonies
  • Retreat and Reveille
  • Special Community Events
  • Dining-Ins and Dining-Outs
  • Air Fore Ball
  • City Parades
  • Change of Commands
  • And Many More!

To be eligible for the Honor Guard
you must

Have at least 12 months retainability

Not be on a control roster, have a current UIF or be under Article-15 punishment.

Meet AF fitness standards.

Adhere to strict dress and appearance standards.

Have approval/recommendation from Supervisor; First Sergeant and Commander.

Have outstanding attitude, dedication and willingness to better yourself and the team.


  • Consideration for an AF Achievement Medal after 12 months on the team
  • Reserved parking spot at the Base Exchange and Misawa E’ Club
  • Award of a distinctive Base Honor Guard Badge and coin
  • Eligible to compete at base level annual awards
  • Improve leadership skills and gain valuable tools to help you succeed in your military career
  • Meet and work with highly motivated JASDF, Navy and Airmen from numerous career fields and specialties
  • Sense of pride knowing that you are a member of the Misawa Base Honor Guard
  • Morale events paid or at a discounted rate
  • Opportunity to get involved with the local community
  • Stand out amongst your peers!

Become a Ceremonial Guardsman

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Wednesdays & Thursdays
3–5 p.m.
BLDG. 1006 
Professional Development Center (PDC)

Honor Guard

BLDG. 1006
Professional Development Center
Wednesdays & Thursdays |  3–5 p.m.
DSN: 226-2391