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Revitalizing Squadrons
“…the beating heart of the Air Force”

UNITE was established to provide squadron commanders with the maximum flexibility to deliver activity rich programs that build cohesion for personnel within their unit. The primary focus of UNITE is on units rather than individuals. For OCONUS, this includes assigned Active Duty, Reserve, APF and NAF Civilians, and local National MLC/IHAs assigned to a unit. Family members may participate, but they must pay any associated fees.

Types of Events

01. Ready to Execute (RTE)

FSS already offers a variety of great programs that keep funds on the installation. These programs are the easiest plan to execute and should be considered first. 

02. Unit Developed Program (UDP)

Squadron leaders are given the discretion to create UDPs that capitalize on opportunities available not only on the installation, but in the local area as well.

03. Free/Volunteer

Charitable work provides a cost effective team building activity that allows co-workers to see each other in a new light and to make a real difference in your community. Free events require no pre-approval unless UNITE funds are requested for food and/or refreshments. 


ODR Adventure Trips

Hiking, biking, kayaking, SUP, surf, beach parties, cultural tours and camping just to name a few!

Driving Range

Test your skills at the Gosser Golf Course driving range.


Squadrons can go head to head in this fun dice game. New challenges are encouraged.

ODR Paintball

Equipment rental, field fees and exclusive use of the Wild West Range.

Walmsley Bowling Center

Enjoy Mad Gmaes Monday and other options for your own bowling party challenges. 

Arts & Crafts

Get crafty and create a customized ceramic, wreath or canvas.

Pool Party

Exclusive use of the pool and The Fish Bowl. Partake in Battleship challenges, Wibit Obstacle course or just fun swim time!

Water Works

Paddle board or kayak at mid-day or enjoy an evening sunset on the lake with pizza.

Alpha Warrior

Test your strength and mental fortitude on the Alpha Warrior reg located in the Freedom Fitness Center.

Bike Trails

Tackle area trails with ODR bike rentals.

Foot Golf

Play nine to 18 holes of golf using a soccer ball.

Taiko Drum Class


Take a taiko drum class or learn traditional Japanese fan dancing.

UNITE Program Request

Contact Information

Identify Flight or work center subsets as appropriate.
official government email required
Include Rank
official government email required

Unite Event Details

IMPORTANT NOTE: This number should reflect ONLY those assigned to the unit sponsoring the event and eligible for Unite funding. This means USAF Active Duty, DoD (GS) Civilians and MLC/IHA staff.
Family members are welcome to participate in Unite events but must pay any costs associated with the specific activity.
Please provide a detailed description of your proposed event and how it will contribute to team-building, unit cohesion, esprit de corps, and morale. Remember. Unite events must be recreational and cohesive in nature. The use of NAF funding for food and beverages is ancillary to the team building event (i.e. a cookout does not quality as a unite event, it must be part of a recreational and cohesive activity)
Where do you want to hold your event? Provide as much detail regarding the venue as possible.
Please provide a complete and detailed cost breakdown for all items (excluding food and beverages). For example: Facility Rental $50, 2 10x10 Canopies $40, 6 Large Coolers $30 etc. Be as complete as possible as this will determine your budget. Your total cannot exceed the number of eligible participants X $13.50. For example if you’re having an event with 40 people your maximum allowable funding would be $540.
Please provide a complete and detailed cost breakdown for desired food and beverages. Include items, quantity, and cost. Your total cannot exceed the number of eligible participants X $5. For example if you’re having an event with 20 Unite-eligible participants your budget is $100.

Request for Eligibility

All submitted requests will be reviewed to ensure they meet the goals and objectives of the USAF Unite Program CONOP. Requests are generally reviewed within 2 business days at which time the submitting POC will be contacted regarding further actions. Approval of requests is a 3-step process. The first level is the Unite program manager, followed by the respective squadron commander, and finally by the Air Force Services Agency C3/Unite team (AFSVC). This process requires at least 21 days to complete. Requests submitted less than 21 days prior to the proposed event will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions regarding eligibility or the approval process please contact the Community Cohesion Coordinator (Unite program Manager) directly by calling 226-9158 (M-F 0700-1600) *Meeting date and time is tentative and will be confirmed once you have received a follow-up confirmation email.
The POC meeting is designed to discuss the event and process. Please understand the date and time above is a proposal only. The program manager will approve by sending an Outlook Meeting Invitation to the POC official email address above or contact you by email to reschedule as needed. Again, if you have any questions regarding the Unite program process please contact the Community Cohesion Coordinator (Unite Program Manager) directly by calling 226-9158 (M-F 0700-1600)


Community Cohesion Coordinator
Community Commons
Bldg. 1006


226-9158  DSN
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