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The Print Shop

All new design orders will take up to 10 days for completion and print only requests will take up to 2-3 business days.

What We Do


Get high quality prints. All of our printing is done in-house.


Our designers can make something special just for you!

Passport Photos

$8 for two 2 x 2 photos
Call us at 226-9272 to make an appointment. Appointments are available Monday–Friday from 7:45 a.m.–4 p.m. No walk-ins.
If you need a passport or visa photo size that is not 2 x 2, please let us know when you make your appointment.

Price List


Regular Paper

Size 8.5 x 11

One Sided

20¢  |  Black & White
27¢  |  Color

Two Sided

27¢  |  Black & White
34¢  |  Color


Size 8.5 x 11

One Sided

81¢  |  Black & White
88¢  |  Color

Two Sided

88¢  |  Black & White
95¢  |  Color

*8 business cards can fit on one cardstock page

Sticker Paper

Size 8.5 x 11

$1.08  |  Black & White
$1.15  |  Color



Regular Paper

Size 22 x 28

$18  |  Black & White
$24  |  Color

Glossy Paper

Size 22 x 28

$30  |  Black & White
$36  |  Color


Size 22 x 28

$42  |  Black & White
$48  |  Color

Vinyl Sticker

Size 22 x 28

$41.14  |  Black & White
$46.94  |  Color


Custom sizes are available
Add grommets to your banner ($2 for a set of 4)

Regular Paper

Price is per foot

$12  |  Black & White
$18  |  Color

Glossy Paper

Price is per foot

$18  |  Black & White
$24  |  Color


Price is per foot

$36  |  Black & White
$42  |  Color

Vinyl Sticker

Price is per foot

$22.48  |  Black & White
$26.08  |  Color


Price is per foot

$36  |  Black & White
$42  |  Color

Outdoor Waterproof Synthetic

Price is per foot

$54  |  Black & White
$60  |  Color

Outdoor Waterproof Vinyl

Price is per foot

$60  |  Black & White
$66  |  Color

Clear Transparent

Price is per foot

$48  |  Black & White
$54  |  Color

Photo Prints

Custom sizes are available

4 x 6


5 x 7


8 x 10


11 x 14


A3 / 11.5 x 16.5


16 x 20


20 x 30




20¢  |  One Sided
34¢  |  Two Sided


27¢  |  One Sided
41¢  |  Two Sided

Additional Costs & Services


Design Fee

$25 per hour
Minimum one hour


$1.35 per 8.5 x 11 flyer
$8.10 per 22 x 28 poster
$1.69 per foot for custom sizes

Card Cutting

$1 per page ($15 cap)
*Additional cutting fee may be charged depending on the amount of material being cut. 

Die Cut

$5 set up fee and
$1 per sheet ($20 cap)


Binding Service $2
*Includes binding comb and service
Deluxe Binding $5
*Includes card stock backing, plastic cover, binding comb and service



Set of 4 $2

Passport Photos

Picture & Print $8
Print only (photo provided) $4

Rentals (per day)

Snap Frame $3
Easels $3

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure where to start? Read on to learn more about submitting work orders, turn around times and more!

What is the Design Fee?
If your project requires our designers to make changes to a design or create a design from scratch we will charge a design fee. The design fee is $25 per hour, minimum one hour. Once the design has been sent to you for a quality check (QC) you may go back and forth two times with the designer recommending changes before we will charge you another design fee. This is to ensure you are getting the product you asked for.

If we design something for you and decide you no longer wish to proceed with the order you will still be required to pay the design fee.

How do I submit a print/design request?
You must submit all requests through our online work order form, or you can come visit us in our office and we will help you place your order.
How Long Will it Take to Receive My Order?
Please note that for ALL of the options listed below, we will not start designing or printing until you approve the price quote we email you. If you do not approve your quote in a timely manner this will affect when you receive your order.

PRINT ONLY: If you have a ready-to-print design that does not need to be altered by our designers in anyway it will only take two business days to receive your order.

PRINT & DESIGN: If you need print and design work the regular turnaround time is two weeks (10 business days). We charge $25 per hour for design work.

RUSH SERVICE: If the timeframes above do not work for you, you have the option to pay extra for rush service. Work orders can be rushed for an additional 20% of your final price and is also dependent on how many other deadlines we have to meet at the time.

How do I know if my photo is high-resolution or low-resolution?

Low-resolution photos have a lower PPI (Pixels Per Inch) compared to high-resolution photos. Recommended resolution of digital photos for printing is 300 PPI. We recommend using a .jpg format when uploading your image to us.

Please note that a photo may appear to look printable from a media or web device but it does not mean that the quality will transfer over when printing. If you need your photo enlarged, a higher PPI is required because as the image size increases, the PPI will decrease. If you are unsure about your photo, contact our office during our operating hours for a quality check!


The Print Shop

Have a question? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you within one business day. Please note that we are closed on weekends and federal holidays.


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